What is ClearCorrect™? Is It Right For You? How to Get ClearCorrect Doctor's Area

Doctor’s Area

Find out why doctors, who once thought they had no choice in invisible aligner orthodontics, now choose ClearCorrect.

Why choose ClearCorrect?

The unique features of ClearCorrect make it an easy choice:

  • Up to 30% lower lab fees.
  • No training required for experienced doctors.
  • Superhuman customer service.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Phase-based shipping makes revisions easy.
  • Free retainers with every case.
  • Convenient online training resources.
  • No annual proficiency requirements.
  • Online case submission & management.

Get started today

If you're ready to start saving up to 30% on your lab fees, call
(888) 331-3323 Monday through Friday, or email us anytime.

Existing providers

If you're already a ClearCorrect provider, click here to sign into ClearComm.

On ClearComm, you can view & approve 3D treatment setups, submit & track cases, study training materials, and download forms.

Screenshot of ClearComm

Right-facing arrow
Right-facing arrow
Right-facing arrow
Right-facing arrow

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