What is ClearCorrect™? Is It Right For You? How to Get ClearCorrect Doctor's Area

What Can ClearCorrect Do?

Helping people handle their dental problems and
achieve their best smiles, one aligner at a time.

Before and After Results

ClearCorrect can help with many different dental and orthodontic problems, both health-oriented and cosmetic.

Common Problems that ClearCorrect Addresses

When teeth are too tight together they can become crooked and cause discomfort, difficulty cleaning and lead to other dental problems.

Gaps between teeth are generally undesirable cosmetically, but are also a dental concern for increasing the chance of tooth decay.

When lower and upper teeth are not aligned properly it can cause difficulty chewing and lead to jaw and other dental problems.

Aside from generally being a cosmetic concern, overbites can also cause eating problems and dental issues.

Is It Right for You?
Handle Your Concerns
A Perfect Fit for Your Life
What Can It Do?

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